This process will lead to:

  • Improved comfort!
  • Injury prevention!
  • Improved power!
  • Improved speed!
  • Improved endurance!
  • Personal bests!
  • More enjoyment!

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So what makes body geometry fit different from other bike fitting servises?

Bike fitting is a service that is being promoted by a lot of different people these days. It can be confusing for the public to work out which process is the best for them & a lot of the marketing of different services can look quite appealing.

What are the key ingredients for a real bike fit?

A fully trained passionate bike fitter that listens!
A set of assessments performed on the rider relating to cycling done before the fit process
Fit performed with client riding under load.
Dedicated fit area with all essential equipment .
Knee tracking and alignment corrected if necessary.
All necessary products kept in stocks to perform fit in one visit.
A proven system that applies equally to all cyclist.
Full report sent to client with all dimensions, photos & notes available.

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Kaimai cycles offers all this & more!

an owner of Kaimai Cycles Rex Thorley is one of only 100 fully certified Body Geometry bike fitters in the world. Rex‘s goal is to be the best bike fitter in New Zealand & beyond. To do this you need to be part cyclist, part psychiatrist, part physio, part mechanic & be patient as most cyclists have never had a real bike fit & it can take time in our industry to prove the benefits of anything new. This is the highest possible qualification in the cycle industry there are only two in New Zealand & three in Australia. Rex really enjoys the challenge of doing genuine world class bike fits & gets great satisfaction from helping cyclists of all ages & abilities overcome pain & discomfort to perform at their full potential.

We listen to you

At the start of a Body Geometry Fit there is a comprehensive interview.
Rex will ask you a series of questions regarding your cycling history, habits & goals as well as previous injuries & what’s not quite right currently.
This is an important part of the overall process & something most other people don’t do.

How is it possible to do a bike fitting without knowing what the body requires?

bike fitting Body Geometry Fit Technicians are trained to perform 25 pre assessments of the rider which helps enable them to get a picture of what they may expect to see on the bike & are trained to interpret this information to make the bike fit the rider. This is one of the key factors which differentiates Body Geometry Fit from most other bike fitting systems. The more fits you do the more you learn & the more you realise that everyone is different & needs to be treated as an individual. Rex has done approx 300 Body Geometry Fits which is probably the most in New Zealand. Each fit takes about 3 hours so that’s at least 900 hours spent learning about all manner of cycling related injuries & body types. Every client offers something new to learn from no matter how normal they think they are. Rex has also assessed hundreds of other clients sit bone widths & foot structures etc which adds to his experience every day. Specialized is the only bicycle company in the world offering this level of education to its dealers & employees. Kaimai Cycles has a dedicated bike fit & assessment area which is fully equipped with all the tools & products required to perform a world class Body Geometry Fit in one session. We carry hundreds of seats,shoes,stems,bars etc to get the job done right the first time without having to come back for a part which should have been in stock. Rex will ask you a few questions before your visit to ensure that he is fully prepared to give you the best possible experience.

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Body Geometry fitting is dynamic. This means everything is done with the rider pedalling under real load.(as opposed to a static bike fit which is simply done by viewing the rider from the side without pedalling) Surely it makes sense to have the rider pedalling while being fitted? Of course it does! By getting clients to simulate the efforts they produce on their bike we can observe pedalling techniques, knee alignment, pelvic rotation, real upper body posture etc. Knee alignment & tracking when viewed from the front is called working in the Z plane when it comes to bike fitting. This is another of the major differences between Body Geometry Fit & almost all others. With the information learned from the pre assessments Rex can support the pelvis & foot in the correct way which allows the knee to track in its natural path without unnecessary stress & deviation. This helps to prevent cycling injuries & allows you to produce as much power as possible for longer! All measurements are recorded from original position including photos as well as final measurements & photos. All pre assessments are recorded as well as any notes Rex may take during the fit. All this information is sent to you via email for you to analyse & is extremely useful if you are out of the area & need help with set up from another Body Geometry Fit centre. It is surprising how much you can learn about yourself during a Body Geometry Fit! A follow up visit is available as part of the fit process at no cost & is highly recommended to confirm that everything is going well and to make any last adjustments if necessary. Rex has direct access to the very best bike fitters in the world just in case someone has an issue which is out of the ordinary & he has not seen it before. Bike fitting is an on going process. Bodies change, we get older, we hurt ourselves somewhere etc so Rex is available to review your setup occasionally to resolve any new issues.

No witchcraft involved!

Body Geometry Fit is a proven bike fitting method which enables a well trained fitter to customise a bicycle to suit each individual rider. No black magic or fancy computer algorithms just the best training coupled with the best cycling products in the world. The same process is applied whether you are an Olympic athlete or a 60 year old beginner & the results are powerful & consistent.

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Who else can offer all these elements in one package?

We are not here to discredit anyone else’s methods but ask yourself or more importantly ask the others how the process works & take the time to compare. Any bike fitting system is only as good as the bike fitter performing the fit.
Do you really need a computer program to fit a human being?
Be aware of claims that cannot be backed up & ask lots of questions.
You will soon find out who knows their stuff!